The benefits of learning the Longasmmm™ Method of orgasmic endurance.

  • Most noticeable are the supercharged sensations with your choice of duration. Perfect for masturbation or lovemaking, it’s freedom from performance worries.
  • Another benefit, when captured your orgasm can be stopped and restarted easily, if your roommate comes home and catches you jerking off.
  • Without allowing release you can pleasure yourself as often as you like, and still be ready for when your girlfriend arrives.
  • Control  also offers the nice benefits of being able to be more creative with your penis’s stroke pattern when making love and enabling you to perform regularly with no downtime.
  • Bonus, you can give a full body, interior and exterior, massage to earn extra job security.
  • Another huge benefit is being able to give and receive similar amounts of pleasure. No more saying “Sorry Honey” or feeling bad about lovemaking.
  • In addition, instead of begging for sex like men sometimes feel they need to, you might find yourself being asked for a massage, “nudge, nudge, wink, wink”.