Did I tell you the one about the 3 excited men and the 3 big scary dogs?

Imagine a big scary dog inside a hot room. The hot room represents the orgasm and the big scary dog represents the ejaculation urge.

Norman Normalguy goes in the hot room and the big scary dog lunges up onto his chest, knocks him over and bites him.
Norman says “Bummer, I’m sorry that was over so soon”
Sex therapist says “Well, practice makes perfect and it looks like Norman didn’t put the time in”

Eddie Edge slowly sneaks into the room and the dog jumps up onto his chest but Eddie retreats back outside the room to regroup and cool off, just in time to avoid the dogs bite. Eddie sneaks into the room again and the dog lunges up onto Eddies chest again but Eddie is gone fast, just in time before the dog can sink his teeth in. Eddie avoids the bite by a fraction each time.
This sequence goes on for a few times before ending by choice.
Eddie says “That was good, I was in and out a bunch of times and I got away with a lot”
Sex therapist says “ Edging is good and Eddie did well, but unfortunately for him he spent most of his time not in the orgasm”

Luke Longasmmm enters the hot room and the big scary dog lunges up onto Luke’s chest but Luke doesn’t back up, he takes the lunge and holds firm. The dog falls backwards and fails to get a bite into Luke. Luke is not afraid of the dog who is in the back of the room, but wait, Luke is pursuing the dog and the dog lunges up again onto Luke’s chest. Luke holds firm again and this sequence goes on and on.

Luke feels the dogs lunge every time on every in stroke, and he feels wonderful to be impervious to its impotent efforts to knock him over and bite him. Luke taunts the dog, “Yeah, that’s right big scary dog, you gotta knock me over first and I can take it, so don’t think you’re in charge, you little puppy. This whole operation is under new management and don’t you forget it”

Luke stays in the hot room and keeps on taking the dogs relentless lunges, but Luke loves every lunge, and the room gets hotter every time they clash, Luke smiles, relishing in his dominance over the big scary dog. This goes on and on without stopping until Luke has other things to do.

Luke says “Wow, that was really hot in there” and Luke says with a grin on his face “See you tomorrow you big scary dog”

The moral of this story is, to learn to orgasm and avoid ejaculation. That way the brain chooses when or if to end, not a reflex action that stops you when you don’t want to stop yet.