Edging is sometimes explained by “experts” as orgasm control but it absolutely is not. 
Edging is touching the orgasm and then stopping to cool off. Then stimulating back up to the orgasm and stopping to cool off again. Edging is tickling the orgasm and then retreating.
When you have to stop to cool off, the orgasm is controlling you, so that’s not controlling the orgasm.
The Longasmmm method is to accept the orgasm and keep feeling its wonderful sensations, so you can ride it with accuracy. It means keep feeding the awesome sensations the correct amount of stimulation to keep them alive. There is no need to stop to cool off, it is all go, go, go, at the right speed of course
Edging has to be careful to not give too much stimulation or it will hurt too much, so it stops instead.
Longasmmm has to give as much stimulation as needed to keep on feeling the orgasm’s pain.
While I applaud all forms of self love, the problems with edging are, most of the time is spent cooling off or heating up. It’s only feeling the hot orgasm for a small portion of the time.
Stopping and starting means stop start lovemaking. Often hypnosis is used but once again how about for hypnotized sex with another person?
Edging is not controlling the orgasm, it’s touching it briefly.
Longasmmm trains the body to not react when the ejaculation urge demands that you do.
Edging touches on the door.
Longasmmm enters the room.
Edging is keep on stopping.
Longasmmm is keep on going.
Edging means briefly feeling the orgasm’s pain.
Longasmmm means always feeling the orgasm’s pain.
Edging is avoiding the ejaculation urge.
Longasmmm is tricking it into submission.
Edging sensations subside when there is a stop.
Longasmmm sensations keep building because there is no stop.
Edging mustn’t orgasm too much.
Longasmmm mustn’t orgasm too little.
To create extraordinary orgasmic endurance you need 3 things 
1/Stimulation accuracy.
2/Distraction tactics.
3/Orgasmic pain acceptance.
To surf your orgasm for as long as you want you have to train your body to accept the orgasm and it’s all in my book the Longasmmm method at longasmmm.com
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