Enjoy the benefits of the Longasmmm™ Method of sexual endurance.

Controlling the male orgasm is the key to a better sex life for you and your partner, and we’re here to teach you a proven method of doing just that. Our method is better than edging. You can learn more about our system below, then discover all the secrets in our instructional PDF guide and videos.

Learn the Longasmmm™ Method of Sexual Endurance!

Welcome, if you have seen our sexual endurance videos and are interested in learning how to acheive extended orgasms for both yourself and your partner, please click the button below to download our 53 page book, and 2 instructional videos. We feel that our proven method is more satisfying and better than edging!
Ask your Doctor if you are healthy enough for extended orgasms.

Good in bed? Medium or Suck in bed? It’s a Longer Orgasm for you.

The benefits of learning the Longasmmm™ Method of orgasmic endurance.

  • Most noticeable are the supercharged sensations with your choice of duration. Perfect for masturbation or lovemaking, it’s freedom from performance worries.
  • Another benefit, when captured your orgasm can be stopped and restarted easily, if your roommate comes home and catches you jerking off.
  • Without allowing release you can pleasure yourself as often as you like, and still be ready for when your girlfriend arrives.
  • Control  also offers the nice benefits of being able to be more creative with your penis’s stroke pattern when making love and enabling you to perform regularly with no downtime.
  • Bonus, you can give a full body, interior and exterior, massage to earn extra job security.
  • Another huge benefit is being able to give and receive similar amounts of pleasure. No more saying “Sorry Honey” or feeling bad about lovemaking.
  • In addition, instead of begging for sex like men sometimes feel they need to, you might find yourself being asked for a massage, “nudge, nudge, wink, wink”.

Do you drive a car?

Purchase the downloadable 53 page book and 2 instructional videos now!

Ask your Doctor if you are healthy enough for extended orgasms.

Ian Cox

The benefits of using the Longasmmm™ equipment

Raising the blood pressure creates more sensitivity and size in the penis. Over time, by expanding the erectile tissue to its normal maximum size, plus 2% or 3%, some stretching occurs. Then the new normal becomes maximum size plus 2 or 3%. Over time this compounds to even more increase in thickness, size, and upwards angle. There is photo proof of this in my Longasmmm book, one picture is from 2011 and one photo is from 2018.

However, bear in mind, you don’t need the Longasmmm equipment to learn the Longasmmm method. (See our proof videos wearing no equipment)

It is purely a method that trains the ejaculation urge to become more tolerant and accepting of excess stimulation.

There are no pills, numbing creams, hypnosis, or any other trickery used when learning Longasmmm control, but you have to practice that’s for sure. I use the equipment every time because it makes me a little harder and that makes my penis more sensitive and that makes it feel stronger. I really prefer upping my penis’s blood pressure, but it is your choice.

Caution, you must to keep the lights on to be able to see its color to make sure you don’t over tighten and cause harm to your best friend, your penis.

The benefits of giving a sexual massage.

The benefits of giving a sexual massage. Remember the days when you used to give a massage as a step along the way to getting into her panties? For any man having found a way into her pleasure area, it is only natural to want to find a shortcut, a more direct route, you might say. That means that the massage is the first thing to be eliminated in the constant attempt to get into her pussy. That’s’ just human nature, so we shouldn’t be faulted for it. You agree, right? I agree, no fault on our side. Yeah.

On the other hand sexual intercourse coinciding with a full body massage is the ultimate double whammy. It’s a great way of earning an RSVP. Its job security, with you, I bet, offering as much volunteer work as your enormously huge penis is willing to give.

But seriously, the best sex is 2 people cooperating to make it easier for each other to enjoy getting closer and nothing works better than a sexual massage in a comfortable position. Try to imagine pushing your sexual love into your welcoming lover, while being rewarded with ongoing orgasmic sensations. Then add your fingers to pamper love into her relaxed body. It can become a rhythmic, double expression of love for a man in this perfect setting, but bear in mind, typically, a massage is something you have to pay someone to do. Practically speaking, a massage is something to do with your hands for when you are “working hard” for a long time at something you love.

A sexual massage is good and healthy for the recipient too, plus it’s good idea to pull your lover back onto your advancing oversized cock. Why? Why, why not? Of course it is easiest to do this with your lover laying face down on a comfortable Luvbed on its Pedestal, which is set at the perfect hight for your advancing super gargantuan, large and impressive manhood. You are gonna love this, it has a cut out shape, so you can reach in and feel a woman breasts at their fullest. Plus it has 2 breast viewing mirrors that each show 2 breasts in reflection, and one other feature to naughty to mention.

Here is another benefit, it sounds better to offer a massage, than ask for sex. Bottom line, your partner will love you for giving a sexual massage. Sexual massage doesn’t even exist on Google yet, and searches lead to erotic massage, but this is a huge step up from erotic massage, you can be sure of that.

Learn the Longasmmm™ Method today!

Ready to learn the secrets of the Longammm™ Method? Click the button below to download our 53 page book, and 2 instructional videos.
Ask your Doctor if you are healthy enough for extended orgasms.

The Longasmmm ™ book contains priceless information for all men and I made it short for non readers like myself. You should read all 5 pages but the “Learn the Method” part is under 10 pages. Plus we have a 16 point cheat sheet for you to refer back to.

This method teaches endurance while experiencing your orgasm, not longevity during less enjoyable, pre-orgasmic sensations.

I imagine you have seen our videos, our latest one lasts 1 hour 45 minutes, that is 14 times longer than the average endurance of 7 minutes of penetrating lovemaking. We did it not to boast, but just to prove a point of showing you what is possible. No one needs to last that long, but I believe that any man can learn to last as long as he chooses, while experiencing ongoing orgasmic sensations. There is nothing physically different or special about me, so if I can learn to do this, then I believe you can too.

Our videos are the only videos of this kind on the world wide web. There are many vague claims of this or that, but there is no visual proof of anything like this. There also isn’t as different or detailed a method as I have laid out in my Longammm™ book.

Did you see the video where I put a sign on our sex positioning furniture predicting a 42 minute performance and then I ended on time at 42 minutes? You can learn to do this too, it’s tricky at first because there is a lot to learn but that’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of orgasmic control.

FYI, Orgasmic control means that you experience the best long lasting orgasmic sensations, while you avoid the ejaculation. Specifically avoiding the forced ending, that spilling your sperm always brings.

For your part you will need to make a commitment to sharpen your senses, strengthen your genitalia, and learn some sneaky avoidance tricks.  Then I want you to help us create a brand new term, “Sexual Massage” like you see on our video’s. This is a big upgrade from erotic massage because erotic massage makes no claims of orgasmic endurance, while the Longasmmm method certainly does.

The Longasmmm method shows how to create more self love, so you will have more love to share.

Purchase the downloadable 53 page book and 2 instructional videos now!

Ask your Doctor if you are healthy enough for extended orgasms.

Exclusive Longasmmm™ Products

These exclusive products, when used in conjunction with the Longasmmm™ Method are designed to take your sex life and quality of love-making to the next level.