Perpetual orgasm, or extended orgasm, feels orgasmically painful, and it always needs the correct amount of stimulation to keep the orgasm alive, so you can keep on enjoying it. The truth is, if there is no pain, then there is no orgasm, and who would want an orgasm you couldn’t feel anyway, plus the pain is delicious and wonderfully awesome, so there! 
Anyway hold up any cry babies out there, if there is no pain, there is no gain, and it’s not like your penis blows up, or breaks off, if you don’t respond to its request to squirt. 
So how does a man achieve a perpetual orgasm?
First and foremost is stimulation accuracy.
Next are some distraction tactics, to confuse the ejaculation urge, so it doesn’t fire.
Last is orgasm acceptance which means the ejaculation urge is ignored, so again, it doesn’t fire.
Perpetual orgasm has been a dream since the first penis, had its first orgasm, but nature has built in a nerve to deny its possibility, that’s what doctors call the autonomic ejaculatory response.   
I call this autonomic response a joke because I tamper with it every day. I maintain a perpetual orgasm every time I try, because it’s easy. It makes me ready every day too, because there is no pumping ejaculation that ends the desire, which is known as a refractory downtime.
Perpetual orgasm is the best skill (un)known to man, and while I say it is easy, it took some practice before it became easy for me. I had to train my body’s responses to not react.
So what does perpetual orgasm feel like on the inside?
First, it hurts and burns just like a normal orgasm, and by not reacting with an ejaculation, the sensations naturally intensify.
You can imagine millions of excited sperm ready, willing and able to swim their way to the coveted egg. 
However when the excited sperm are not ejaculated out, they add to the pleasure by keeping the excitement in, and that makes it keep building up, in the most wonderful way.
Perpetual orgasm mentally feels awesome. It is feels prideful to control something that most men can’t control. It builds confidence, and I believe, it helps control anger and insecurity. Sadly  most men don’t control their ejaculation urge, because they don’t know it is possible, and as a result, they always masturbate the same way.
Perpetual orgasm is greedy and high maintenance, and it needs the correct amount of stimulation to keep it alive, but the good news is that stimulation accuracy is in the hand of the beholder and it’s just structured practice? Orgasm is greedy, and the more orgasmic pain you can tolerate, the stronger the orgasm feels. To say orgasmic pain is addictive, would be an understatement. 
Perpetual orgasm is skillfully keeping the orgasmic sensations alive, by keeping going at the correct stimulation speed. Edging goes up to the edge of the orgasm but has to stop to cool off, and that makes for stop/start lovemaking. The Longasmmm method of perpetual orgasm has to keep going, to keep feeling the orgasmic sensations, if not, the orgasm fades away.
Perpetual orgasm is like having your cake and eating it too, and no matter how much you have, you don’t get fat, but you do get a lot happier, the more you have. 
Perpetual orgasm is the opposite of spontaneous orgasm, perpetual orgasm is control, spontaneous orgasm is no control. Perpetual orgasm still offers the opportunity for an ejaculation, by purposefully overstimulating, and ejaculating as the obvious result.
Perpetual orgasm or extended orgasm can last over an hour, but a normal orgasm lasts just a few seconds.