Let’s be honest, all ejaculations are premature.
1/Orgasm and Ejaculation are 2 separate and very different things.
No sooner the sensations become good and then oops, they are ejaculated out. Gone is the hard on, it’s an unfortunate end, and the party is over. Now it’s just cleaning up the mess. 
Want proof we are all premature ejaculators?
What does it say if a man agrees that the orgasm’s sensations are “too much” and that he “can’t hold back” and as result he ejaculates?  
It says he wanted to hold back but couldn’t, so therefore, it is a pre-mature ejaculation. That is virtually all ejaculations regardless of how long it takes to get to the orgasm. If you want to hold back, but you can’t, then the ejaculation occurred premature to what you wanted.
Don’t feel bad, that is every man who cannot separate orgasm from ejaculation. That was me, until I masturbated differently and found a way into the orgasm, without allowing the ejaculation to happen. Without a pumping end, the orgasm will keep on reverberating. Of course, that’s as long as you keep giving it the correct amount of stimulation, to keep it alive.
It actually doesn’t matter if you are a total stud or a total dud, the orgasm only lasts a few seconds. I can show you that you don’t have to squirt during the orgasm, so you can stop flushing your fun down the toilet. It’s a fact, your cock can provide you with lots more pleasure if you learn how to control it.
Extended pre-orgasm is nice for the other person’s pleasure, but it’s not that good for the man, because the orgasm part, still only lasts a few seconds.
The Longasmmm method  is about making the orgasm last longer. 
It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get to the orgasm, because getting there is just the journey. The goal, and the prize is the mighty orgasm, but if you ejaculate, you loose the prize.
Pre-orgasm is specifically not orgasm, so any effort to build endurance in pre-orgasm is just fucking stupid. Don’t say that to the numbing sprays, pills and thick condom companies, they think that more pre-orgasm is the answer to endurance. They want you to spend money to buy yourself some more pre-orgasm, can you believe that?
The problem is, pre-orgasm is not good enough sensations to justify keeping them. Thankfully the orgasm is sensation rich and controllable, that’s if you can find that elusive sweet spot.
Let’s face it, every man knows what pre-orgasm feels like so if it felt good enough, men would just stay there? However, worldwide men have voted that pre-orgasm is not good enough sensations to hang out there. Why put in the effort to stay less excited, when there is a much bigger and more exciting prize to be had?
The cures promise that you will last longer during the period when the sensations are unremarkable and exactly where you don’t want last longer. That’s like paying money to wait in line, when you actually want to go in and enjoy the free show.
Here is the good news, with training and intervention, the male orgasm can last indefinitely. That means the burning sensations build inside and stay orgasmically charged and wonderfully painful, the entire time. You wouldn’t want an orgasm you couldn’t feel after all.
I found a way to distract the ejaculation urge and let the orgasm wash over me so I wouldn’t react and pull the trigger.
The only viable place to build endurance is in the orgasm but that seems impossible because the ejaculation happens soon after the orgasm starts? However that’s the key, the orgasm comes first and soon after we are forced to pull trigger for the ejaculation to occur. 
To find the type of endurance that you would enjoy, you have to activate the orgasm, but not activate the ejaculation. Orgasm without ejaculation is very enjoyable!
The Longasmmm method teaches orgasmic endurance by stimulating accurately, while distracting the ejaculation urge. This way a man can accept, and keep his orgasm humming along, without allowing an ejaculation to occur.
Check out my book the Longasmmm method to find out how to orgasm without an ejaculation.