OK, so in a capitalist society every thing has a price, so let’s say an orgasm is valued at $1 per second.
Most orgasm’s last 5 to 10 seconds, so let’s say at the high end, every orgasm is $10.
Separately, one way or another sex is going to cost a lot, that’s if you are in a relationship, or if you want to get laid. In the pursuit of puss, wine, flowers, rings, dinner and entertainment, all costs money, and the prize is ten seconds worth of orgasm. Of course the orgasm is free in the case of a solo masturbator, but still, it’s only 5 to 10 seconds, so again let’s say $10.
What about if you could control the ejaculation, so the orgasm continues, even when it demands you pull its trigger.  How would that feel, do you think? Here’s a hint, it feels a lot like winning the jackpot, as all the money, just keeps on pouring out of the slot machine.
How long do you think it is possible to keep the orgasmic sensations going, if you hit the jackpot and deny an ejaculation?
How about 630 times more than the normal 10 seconds, and that means 1hr 45 mins or 6,300 seconds. I know what you are saying, that can’t be possible? However, you can see proof of this on the Pornhub, Longasmmm channel. By the way, you can earn $1,800 sex furniture on the Longasmmm channel, if you can beat my record, check it out, there are lots of endurance videos on there. You can’t fake this, or find endurance videos like this, anywhere else on the Internet.
Most people know that orgasm and ejaculation are 2 different things, but did you know there are 2 ways to ejaculate? One is by unknowingly leaking sperm, and the other, by a pumping release. 
The difference is huge, when you unknowingly leak sperm, because the ejaculation has been denied, despite the pressure to release. The orgasmic sensations will continue, as long as you provide it, the correct amount of stimulation. You have to keep the orgasmic fire burning, so it needs a lot of stoking, so to speak.
I don’t need to remind anyone what the pumping release is, it’s the end, and it sucks because no sooner the sensations become good, they are stolen away from us. The culprit is an ejaculation whose timing is not chosen, or wanted. Worse still, it’s pumping out energy, and you have to wait a while, to feel the desire return again. Ejaculation is the off switch, the downer and the party pooper. It’s an unnecessary end to the pleasure, and the urge seems unbeatable, until you know how?
Anyway, this is why you should learn the Longasmmm method, if you are banking $10 every time you cum, and you could be banking $6,300, your orgasm owes you $6,290 worth of pleasure, every time you squirt. 
There is no businessman on this planet, that would pick up the $10 bill, when he could easily pick up the $6,300 instead. That might occur on another planet, but not on this one!