Welcome to the Sex Olympics.

Hello Ladies and Gents,
Welcome to the Sex Olympics, first up is the marathon and we have 3 contestants. In the Red Shirt we have Norman Normalguy,
In the Amber Shirt we have Eddie Edge
and finishing out the trio we have Luke Longasmmm in the Green Shirt.

Here we go folks they are on the starting line and it’s Ready, Set GO.
The contestants are off and they are running neck and neck so hold tight fans we are in for a good contest. Wow, this is a remarkably close race folks, we are coming up to 7 minutes mark and it’s a real nail biter, but wait Norman Normalguy has fallen flat on his face and looks very tired, surely after that he will be unable to continue. The crowd groans “Ahhhh, oh no” “Boo Hiss” and Yes, it’s clear now Norman Normalguy has thrown in the towel.

This is now a 2 man race but wait, Eddie Edge has stopped to re-tie his shoe laces but hopefully he can still catch up with Luke Longasmmm. Eddie Edge is back on track and running again but wait, it looks like Eddie Edge is stopping again, looks like he’s having a drink this time. Eddie’s coach seems flustered, what is going on?

Hang in there folks this could still be a close race and Eddie hasn’t given up yet, but wait Eddie has stopped again. Eddie’s supporters are chanting “WTF Eddie, get a grip man, keep going” Luke Longasmmm is definitely in his stride now and looks to be pushing real hard, he seems unstoppable.

Eddie Edge is really going to struggle to get back in this race and Oh No he is stopping again. Oh this is bad, Eddie’s fans seem really frustrated and they are leaving the stadium.
What a mismatch, sorry folks this isn’t a contest anymore and Luke Longasmmm is just now finishing the race.

Wow I have never seen anything like this before, Luke Longasmmm has really kicked some butt and it looks like he is ready to go again.
This is remarkable folks, Luke Longasmmm in the Green shirt is on the podium collecting his medal and Eddie Edge is miles behind and Oh No, he is stopping again.

We are off to a commercial break now folks but this has been a memorable race for Luke Longasmmm who I must say looks unbeatable.