What do men fail to give women, and why?
A massage is a first step for a man to get into a woman’s panties.  Satisfying her sexually is the best way to get into her panties repeatedly!
Why, because most women love to be massaged, and it puts them in the mood for love.  Massage is a natural part of foreplay, relaxing the full body and expressing love with one’s hands.  For the masseur it is an opportunity to explore the woman’s body from head to toe.
However, our bad, after the initial sexual success, the massage gets sidelined.
Why, because soon the man will see the massage as a job, because by now he is already getting pussy and the desire to give massage goes away?  But, what if he could have as much sex as he wants because the woman loves the massage.
The problem is, he is going to get less and less puss over time if he drops the massage.
The first male deficiency is to no longer take the time for foreplay, massage doesn’t even take talent, but it does take effort and that’s unfortunately the dealbreaker.
A massage costs real money, plus she has to drive across town to get her body massaged by someone she doesn’t know.
The male equivalent is to drive across town to pay for a blowjob from someone he doesn’t know, but I could get in trouble for even mentioning that!
This is mens second failure, while supposedly striving for more sex, turns out he is too lazy to learn the skill required to put sex and a massage together.
The obvious reason is that sex lasts just a few minutes, and thats not long enough, to give a woman a decent massage or sexual satisfaction.
How is it possible to give a sexual massage that lasts long enough for her?
Answer, it is only possible to give a true and continuously connected sexual massage if the man can ride his orgasm by skillfully not ejaculating.
How do I know men fail to even try to meet women’s needs?
Over 10,000 people have seen the only real sexual massage videos on Pornhub. Videos that virtually no men have bothered to learn. No one has taken up my $1,800  endurance challenge on the Longasmmm channel on Pornhub to win unique sexual massage furniture.
What is lost when men are sexually lazy?
They don’t get to experience longer orgasm’s, meaning that over a lifetime they are happy enough with a diet of mediocre orgasmic sensations.
They end long before their partner wants to stop.
If they are lazy, they don’t enjoy sex as much, so they don’t get as much action.
Sexual laziness doesn’t inspire sexual excitement or confidence.
Sexual laziness is not doing research to know what they are missing out on.
Men who are lazy end up in divorce court, they lose their wife, house and kids, and should we be sorry for them?  No, not if they are too lazy to bother to learn a skill when the information is out there.
Any man can learn to find endurance in the hot orgasm zone, but I would be interested to know the downside to extending an orgasm in the eyes of someone leaving my website.
1) Does it mean that they are in the 000.1% who can already control their ejaculation, so nothing to learn here?
2) Or, is it “I don’t believe it’s possible?” Despite readily available proof to the contrary
3) Or is it “I am too lazy and I can’t be bothered”.
What it does mean, is that a sexually lazy man, is going to fail to give his partner what she wants ie: sex and massage, and he is going to fail to enjoy his life as much as he could?
If a sexually lazy man wants to raise his standard of living, it’s just a matter of doing some  homework by checking that my claims are true, on the Pornhub Longasmmm channel.
Commit to learn the Longasmmm method, it’s not for average men, it’s for men who don’t want to be average anymore.