Men want to get laid, True.

Men think about sex every 7 seconds. False and very exaggerated.

Men actually think about sex 19 times a day and once every 1.26 hours. True according to GQ magazine.

So it’s on our minds but too often our penis’s don’t get the work that they need and remain stuck in our pants. 

Under employed penis’s act out in other ways, and I think that’s why some of us feel like we have to prove our manliness every day. In the worst cases our quick to finish penis’s can make us become Dicks. 

I wonder how much violence is caused by the competition to prove which man has the most cock parked in underwear. Companies even target our penises’ with names to pump up our manliness, under armor, etc etc This works well in getting money out of our pant’s but doesn’t help in getting cocks more business,

We don’t get enough action and we don’t know a surefire way to get it.

I know that a lot of men use this time tested approach. “Hey Honey would you massage” and Wow to everyone surprise it often leads into her panties. Who would have thunk it?

The problem is we really don’t want to mess around with massages because we kinda don’t want to give them. That’s why there is a huge industry of people willing to give massages if you give them money. 

So if we could like giving massages we could get more pussy but how do you “like giving massages?” It turns out that giving a massage is wonderful when you are experiencing an extended orgasm because you want to share the good feelings that an extended orgasm gives.